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2020 Year in Review at PhilOnEdTech (podcast)

By 2020-12-22December 27th, 2020No Comments

Well this has been an interesting year. With one more client meeting left, it’s time to clean up inboxes, take stock of the past year, and share the top blog post of 2020 for PhilOnEdTech. Before I do that, I want to take time and thank our readers and my wonderful guest authors (Kevin Kelly, Stephanie Moore, Laura Czerniewicz, Clay Shirky, and Jeanette Wiseman). I’m not sure how other bloggers have been affected, but I have seen newsletter reading grow to be larger than website reading, albeit with different patterns. Below I am sharing the Top 20 posts published in 2020, ranked by total opens in our email service, total page views based on Google Analytics, and an overall rank combining those two metrics.

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