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Postscript on Visualizing Fall 2020 US Higher Education Plans (podcast)

By 2020-06-24June 25th, 2020No Comments

Yesterday I posted some visualizations based on data from the Chronicle of Higher Education and their useful page of individual institution plans for the Fall 2020 term in US higher education. There were several commenters on that post (and on Twitter) that pointed out a significant flaw in the data set. Peter Shea captured it well:

I was looking at that Chronicle data yesterday. I think it’s misleading. I think most of the campuses that will have students returning to campus in the Fall will also have many, many more online courses and that “in-person” category needs to be far more nuanced. From my experience, campuses are planning for more online, more blended, closing earlier, and have a pivot back to remote in the works if need be, even where they are advertising “in-person”. Lumping all that under planning for in person misses the bigger picture that is reshaping higher education nationally and globally.

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