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Further Observations on Virtual Events (podcast)

By 2020-07-30August 2nd, 2020No Comments

In yesterday’s post I shared a podcast episode Jeanette and I recorded about virtual conferences and how they help raise issues about hybrid and online education in general. The full recording and transcript are available in that post, and we highlighted our experiences with BbWorld and D2L Fusion conferences in particular. These observations included whether simulation-type event software or cute graphics enhanced the participant experience and how prepared script-reading could make sessions seem inauthentic.

A long-time friend and colleague, Jim Williamson, Director of Campus Educational Technology Systems and Administration at UCLA, wrote an insightful note in response to the podcast episode that I’m sharing below with his permission. He takes the topics further in terms of the role and usage of technology in mediating virtual experiences.


Link to original blog post, with video embedded