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Phil Hill & Associates

Phil Hill & Associates is the rebranded combination of the PhilOnEdTech blog and MindWires LLC consulting and market analysis. We provide EdTech analysis and advice, from a free blog to analyst briefings, from contract reviews to custom reports, from one hour meetings to multi-year transformation projects.

We partner with higher ed institutions, organizations, and companies on all things educational technology. From understanding the most effective uses of EdTech to addressing strategic and mission-related questions — we want to help you make the best decisions possible.

Phil Hill & Associates
On Ed Tech

More Than a Blog!

It’s PhilOnEdTech + more! On EdTech by Phil Hill & Associates adds new authors (not just guest posts);

On EdTech+ for more frequent newsletters; On EdTech Enterprise for institutions & vendors & investors, with market analyst meetings

On EdTech Blog & Newsletter

Consumer Protection
Author Phil Hill

Three Takeaways from ED Borrower Defense Claim on UAGC

Borrower defense is arbitrary, but UAGC and U Phoenix should not be surprised
image 2
Author Glenda Morgan

Middling Choices

The problem with best practices in EdTech
screenshot department of education
Author Phil Hill

Friday Gainful Updates

Final review phase & potential AV / ED rift
12 months top bar by de - On EdTEch
Analysis and Advice for Today's Challenges

EdTech Consulting

Need to understand the dynamics of OPM and LMS markets? We can help.

Need to develop or change your institution’s or system’s online & hybrid education strategy? We can help.

Need to understand changing regulations and their impact on your organization? We can help.

Find out more about all our EdTech Services and how we can assist you.

Speaking and Facilitation

We also speak on just about any topic mentioned on the On EdTech blog, including keynotes, webinars, and workshops.

Public Speaking - Phil Hill