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EdTech Vendor Consultation Services

We provide EdTech vendor consultation services — from textbook companies to online service providers — with strategic advice and perspectives on how to respond to rapid market changes and how best to formulate practical responses.

Product Strategy Review

Need a second opinion on the approach to solve a customer problem? Advice on how changes in the market will impact how a product is received?
Or, maybe just consultation about the best strategy moving forward?
At Phil Hill & Associates, we offer investors assistance in navigating these challenges by utilizing comprehensive data analysis and providing direct guidance from industry experts.
We use our deep knowledge of the market to provide vendors with product reviews and feedback including:

How well aligned different parts of a company are regarding strategy

Leveraging EdTech vendor consultation services can significantly enhance a company’s internal coherence regarding its strategic direction.

How well a product idea fits with customers’ perceptions

Through EdTech vendor consultation services, companies can gain invaluable insights into how their product ideas align with customer perceptions and needs.

What the biggest market opportunities and threats are

Identifying the largest market opportunities and threats is crucial for staying competitive. EdTech vendor consultation services provide a thorough analysis of the market landscape, highlighting potential growth areas as well as risks.

How to best position offerings competitively

By understanding the competitive landscape and identifying unique selling points, companies can effectively position their products to stand out, attracting more customers and securing a competitive edge.

Digital Product Management

Drawing on lean startup and agile software development methodologies, we help vendors become more effective at developing products that their customers will love. 

In the past, we’ve helped technologists who are trying to better understand the needs of teachers and students, and textbook publishers who want to develop digital products that excite their customers.

Go-To-Market and Partnership Planning

Our EdTech vendor consultation services help vendors identify the best prospective partners, understand their needs and goals, develop their products in ways that would be most appealing to those partners, and negotiate a successful partnership.

Change Management

We also help vendors to understand the big trends in the digital education environment that are driving changes to businesses and how they might adapt to those changes with new business processes.

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