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EdTech Services For Institutions

Specializing in EdTech services for institutions, we provide expert consultancy to colleges, universities, higher education institutions, and K-12 schools throughout the world (though primarily in North America).
Our EdTech consulting services are designed to guide these educational entities in making informed decisions regarding their digital education needs.

Strategic Assessment And Planning with EdTech Services for Institutions

For institutions who are just beginning to think about or who need help improving their current online and hybrid programs, we provide EdTech consulting and assessment services to meet each school’s specific needs. Some of these efforts include:

Facilitating Strategic Planning Activities

We guide institutions in strategic planning for their digital education, helping to set clear goals and craft actionable plans for learning programs.

Reviewing and Analyzing Existing Programs and Future Opportunities

Our EdTech services for institutions include evaluating current digital education programs and identifying new opportunities, ensuring institutions remain competitive and effective in their offerings.

Reviewing and Providing Expert Advice on Vendor Offerings

We assist institutions in selecting the right EdTech services, offering expert advice on vendor options to best meet their specific digital learning needs.

Deeper, Hands-on Consulting

For institutions requiring comprehensive support, we offer in-depth, hands-on consulting to develop and implement tailored strategies for their education programs.

Educational Technology Assessment

We provide support ranging from a market analysis to guidance on the vendor selection process. Our in-depth knowledge of current digital education activity and trends allows us to help our clients understand and assess overall technology infrastructure needs.

Change Management Advising

Increasingly, institutions such as colleges, universities, higher education institutions and K-12 schools are having to hire towards new positions or skill sets to keep up with the growing role of technology in education. 

While we are not recruiters, we can advise on crafting roles and job descriptions, interviewing candidates, and even coaching new hires on relevant topics and approaches.

Additionally, we also advise executive leadership on big changes happening in education. We help campus Presidents, Provosts, CIOs and other academic leaders figure out which trends they should pay attention to, which to act on, or ignore.

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